Company Profile

In 2016, Coastal Pacific Xpress became an operating unit of VersaCold Logistics Services. VersaCold is Canada’s largest supply chain company focused exclusively on the handling of temperature sensitive products. More than services, we provide completely integrated and customized solutions to your cold chain integrity and logistics challenges.

Established in 1986. CPX is BC's largest refrigerated carrier, employing approximately 150 administrative and warehouse staff and 400 drivers and owner operators throughout our locations in Surrey, BC, Nanaimo, BC, Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB.

Our service offerings include perishable and ambient Trailer Load (TL) shipping throughout Canada and the USA, as well as dedicated Less Than Trailer Load (LTL) schedules to various destinations throughout Western Canada and the Western USA.

CPX's trailer fleet consists of approximately 700 units, comprised of single temperature trailers (tandem axle and tri-axle), and the largest fleet of multi-temp trailers in Western Canada. CPX operates cold storage terminals and warehouse operations in Surrey, BC, Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB.

Our customer base is comprised of some of Canada's leading companies, representing a wide array of industries and commodities, including both perishable and ambient temperature goods.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Your Trusted Partner

Enhance our customers' success and be their most trusted, reliable, long-term partner.

Our vision is supported by our:

  • Performance-driven culture focused on continuous improvement that leverages technology and our employees' skills
  • Investment in a national, highly efficient logistics infrastructure
  • "Easy to do business with" partnership approach that starts with our customers and extends to our employees, vendors and communities
  • Continued commitment to the involvement, development and recognition of the employees who contribute to our success

Our Culture


Our performance-driven culture is how we live and what we value, and is defined by our commitment to:

  • Safety as our number one focus
  • Being trusted, respected and accepting feedback
  • Taking accountability and maintaining a sense of urgency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Setting and measuring goals
  • Understanding the marketplace and industry trends
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Having fun in the process


Through financial donations provided by the company and the active engagement of the employees and their families, CPX supports a variety of charities in BC and Alberta including the Centre for Child Development, Little Warriors and the Children’s Cottage Society. The Centre for Child Development helps children from birth to 18 with the most complex and severe developmental disabilities. Little Warriors is a national charitable organization based in Canada, focusing on the education and prevention of child sexual abuse. The Children’s Cottage Society offers a wide range of programs for parents and children strengthening families by demonstrating leadership through a network of crisis, respite, and support services.

CPX has recently become a proud supporter for the breast cancer foundation by participating in the Smart Truck Pink UnderTray Awareness Campaign. We have purchased 10 Pink UnderTray system for our trailers which includes a provincial logo decal from the province of British Columbia to attach to the side of the trailer to show our true color of support.

We also have our barbeque trailer attend numerous events in the summer months in an effort to support a variety of charitable functions. We are proud to be sponsors and to be affiliated with these charities who generously give back to the people in our communities.


CPX is responding in various ways to reduce carbon emissions, improve fuel efficiency and reduce other environmental impact that are of growing importance throughout the transportation sector.

Equipment - Our operating footprint is lightened by investing in the latest equipment and ensuring it remains well-maintained. With more than 90% of CPX's truck fleet under five years of age, we have the benefit of the latest innovations in fuel-efficiency and emissions control. We ensure that the fleet is maintained to the highest standards in the industry. We also make extensive use of innovative refrigerated trailers which improve load-capacity efficiency relative to fuel consumption.

As a value added service to our owner operators we provide monthly reviews of three performance factors (ROI) that affect their fuel economy. We instituted this program with all company trucks in 2008 and saw a significant improvement in a short time. The drivers wanted the feedback and quickly became very competitive in improving their fuel efficiency.

  • RPM Progressive Shifting – Drivers shifting quickly in lower gears prevents over-revving, which decreases fuel consumption. Fuel economy will improve by approximately five percent by reducing time with the engine over the recommended rpm.
  • Over speed –above 55 mph, each 1 mph increase in vehicle speed decreases fuel economy by 0.1 MPG.
  • Idle time is costly. Every hour of idle time in a long-haul operation can decrease fuel economy by 1% as the truck is burning fuel and not moving.

CPX is both CARB and TRU compliant. We invest in an array of fuel efficient initiatives such as trailer fairings and wind shears for the back of the trailers offering fuel savings of 5% - 6% and constantly renew our trailer fleet with newer more efficient trailers. The average age of the trailers in the CPX fleet is 1.6 years. All new reefer trailers are ordered with the most efficient Thermo King reefer units available at time of order and the tires are equipped with the Hendrickson Tire Max automatic tire inflation systems offering potential additional fuel savings of 3% - 4%.

Anti-Idling - CPX has implemented an anti-idling policy to reduce the environmental impact of idling. Initially this was achieved by the use of team drivers and today entire fleet is equipped with battery powered climate control systems, which eliminate all fuel used in the cooling of the cab.

Operating Procedures - Our sales and marketing team works closely with the operations team to minimize the number of miles the fleet runs empty.

Training - Various aspects of our extensive driver-training programs and metrics – including idle time reduction, speed control, and optimal gearing-have environmental benefits in the form of reduced emissions. We have used Speed Gauge to monitor driving speed against posted speed limits and have reduced the percentage of speeding from a fleet average of 13% to 1.5%.

Recycling - We have partnered with Urban Impact, a local recycling company, to divert as much waste as possible form landfills.

Energy conservation - We have replaced our existing fluorescent office and warehouse lighting with high efficiency T-5 bulbs (in keeping with a BC Hydro initiative) that will increase bulb life dramatically and in the configuration we will be using, will reduce power consumption by 47%. We have also commissioned an impact study on similar lighting for our Calgary warehouse.